Comfort Meal Company

ERP is an abbreviation of "Enterprise Resource Planning" which means managing all resources of the company on a single database by software. The usage of an integration of all resources affects efficiency of the company positively. The ERP program consists of many main modules and additional modules of main ones. These key modules cover key modules such as sales, accounting, finance, production, inventory, human resources, procurement, quality management, maintenance and repair. Many ERP programs develop these main modules especially for sectors and offer them special ERP solutions.


The concrete results of the successful ERP project

High Customer Satisfaction

With the help of ERP systems business processes get free from mistakes done by people. Invoice, wrong deliveries are eliminated by a good ERP project. By responding to your customer needs more quickly and efficiently, you can increase customer satisfaction and brand value.

Faster reports

Creation of reports for companies means time in a week lost by an employee for working on Excel files. However, as a result of digitalization of all business processes with ERP, it is possible to receive reports in seconds with one click on the central database. Hence, both employees and managers can focus on developing ideas regarding developing the company and increasing sales.